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Super Stickman Golf 3


Google Play Achievements

This title has a total of 56 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win 1 Race Mode multiplayer game1 Race Mode Win
Win 1 Turned Based multiplayer game1 Turned Based Win
Score under par on 10 courses without powerups10 Clean Balls
Reach a combined 10 Race Mode multiplayer points10 Race Mode Points
Win 10 Race Mode multiplayer games10 Race Mode Wins
Win 10 Turned Based multiplayer games10 Turned Based Wins
Reach a combined 100 Race Mode multiplayer points100 Race Mode Points
Reach a combined 100 swishes100 Swishes
Reach a combined 1000 shots1000 Strokes
Reach a combined 1000 swishes1000 Swishes
Reach a combined 200 Race Mode multiplayer points200 Race Mode Points
Reach a combined 2000 shots2000 Strokes
Reach a combined 3000 shots3000 Strokes
Win 5 Race Mode multiplayer games5 Race Mode Wins
Win 5 Turned Based multiplayer games5 Turned Based Wins
Reach a combined 50 Race Mode multiplayer points50 Race Mode Points
Reach a combined 500 shots500 Strokes
Reach a combined 500 swishes500 Swishes
Complete Golf Land under 1:30A Quick 9
Go through every portal on Portal Land Hole 5 and get a Hole in OneAround The World
Get a Hole In One on Gravity Grove Hole 7. No Free Shots.Aventine Ace
Get the Big Bux award for every courseBig Buxmaster
Clean Ball Buzz Land Without Hitting a SawBuzz Off
Shoot a superball into a water hazardCool It Down
Get an EagleEagle
Get a Hole in One Swish on Rocky Land Hole 5. No Free Shots.Eagle Eye
Complete Hole 7 of Sticky Zone Without Hitting a Sticky WallEw!
Find 20 Ghost FlagsExplorer
Get a Hole in One on Magnet Sub Hole 1. No Free Shots.Gimme A Boost
Get a Hole in One on Line City Hole 7. No Free Shots.Going Up!
Swish the First Hole of Golf Land with No PowerupsLike A Boss
Earn a clean ball on every courseMr. Clean
Score a negative number on a holeNegative Score
Score a zero on a holeNil Score
Hole-in-1 Snow Field Hole 4, only touching the green. No Powerups.No Snow
Get a hole in one without touching the greenNothin But Net
Complete Shield Land without Entering a ShieldOnly The Brave
Clean Ball Spin Land without Using SpinOpposite Day
Get 9 Hole in Ones on Golf LandPerfect
Get a Hole in One on Hole 8 of Rain Forest. No Free Shots.Ride The Wave
Get a Hole in One on Hole 4 of Beach Land with No PowerupsSee Me Rolling
Get a Hole in One on Farmy Land Hole 2. No Free Shots.Skipper
Swish off of a water bounceSplish
Get a Hole in One Swish on Sewer Land Hole 6. No Free Shots.Stinky
Get a Hole in 1 on Hole 7 of Space Base with No PowerupsStraight Shooter
Unlock every characterStylin And Profilin
Get 9 Hole in Ones on Golf Land with No PowerupsSuper Perfect
Get a hole in oneThat's a Bingo
Get a Hole in One Swish on Crystal Cliffs Hole 4. No Free Shots.The Chosen One
Unlock all of the coursesThe Locksmith
Bag three hole in ones in a rowThe Trio
Complete Inconceivable Land wearing the Rubber Glove with No PowerupsThe Worst
Get a Hole in One on Hole 8 of Laser Sub. No Free Shots.Timing Is Everything
Unlock every hatTip of The Hat To You
Hole in One Portal Land Hole 5 without touching Portals or Stickies. No Powerups.Unorthodox
Get a Nil Score on Gravity Lab Hole 6 with No PowerupsUse The Force

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.