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e-Positive Spin


Train your ability to identify and associate positive events with positive feelings. Positive feelings enhance your wellbeing and happiness, yet we naturally tune in more to Negative than Positive feelings. Training your associations with Positive feelings will help optimize your wellbeing. In e-Positive Spin, you’ll be displayed with a series of scenes with an associated feeling. Gain points by correctly and quickly identifying whether the associated feeling is a ‘match’ or a ‘mis-match’ to the scene. Science There is increasing evidence that focusing on positive information boosts positive feelings and wellbeing, while attending to negative information makes you feel more stressed and vulnerable (1,2). Optimists will tend to avoid focusing directly on negative images, and show reduced stress and arousal (3,4). Both images and words provide powerful input about positive feelings in the world around us. Training to tune into positve image-word associations will help build a cycle of positivity, and flow on effects to reducing stress and boosting wellbeing and resilience (1-4) 1. MacLeod C et al. (2002). Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 111:107–123. 2. Fredrickson BL (2000). Prevention & Treatment, 31, 1-25. 3. Isaacowitz DM. (2005). Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 3:407–415. 4. Tugade MM, Fredrickson BL, Barrett BL (2004). Journal of Personality. 72:1161–1190 e-Positive Spin is just one of the Brain Exercises on MyBrainSolutions.com. MyBrainSolutions is an interactive brain training site to optimize your wellbeing and performance. Join the growing community of individuals who are using MyBrainSolutions to: · Reduce Stress · Boost Memory & Attention · Maximize Positivity As a MyBrainSolutions member, you’ll receive a personal ‘Dashboard’ with access to: · A scientifically validated brain assessment to find your Brain Profile · An integrative set of Brain Exercises · A range of ‘Insights’ Interactive video programs · Tools to track your successes & positive changes Built by Take Five Labs
Release Date: May 10, 2010

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