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------------------------------------------------- Our latest strategy action games, Monster Tamer and Monster Tamer HD, are for sale on App Store. Search "Monster Tamer" in the itunes for details. --------------------------------------------------Goblin is always smart.  This time he wants to be a business man, travel the world, create and underground mall, and earn money serving different customers.Features: ? Tap to help goblin create and move materials and serve customers. ? Enjoy mini-games like helping goblin defend against bandits or train monsters. ? Slow magicians, busy knights, and angry bandits are just a few of the different customers you’ll encounter.? This isn't about baking chocolate cakes for smiling customers!  In a goblin's world, magicians need their wands and knights need their shields!  Now get to work!? Earn more money by providing better service to your customers.? Enjoy different scenes as you travel around the world in 49 unique levels.? Challenge your goblin customer service skills in endless mode!? Demonstrating his intellectual prowess, goblin will build a vast underground empire from which to serve a myriad of customers!
Release Date: June 8, 2010

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