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Jackpot Slots


A collection of eight different three-reel, one line slot machines in one app.Virtual jackpots range from 2,500 to 10,000 credits, and bonus multipliers increase your winning payouts. Wild Jackpots:*Win 2 to 5,000 credits - Wild! symbol matches any other symbol on the payline. Hit three Wild! symbols in a row to win the Jackpot. 24 Carat Double Sevens:*Win up to 10,000 credits - 'Double' symbol matches any other symbol on the payline, and doubles your payout. Two Doubles on the same payline quadruple your payout! Hit three 'Double' symbols in a row to win the 10K Jackpot. Wild Gold Silver & Bronze:*17 different ways to hit a winning payline, from any three different symbols of the same color, to three 'Wild!' symbols in a row. Any combination of a Gold, Silver, and Bronze symbol in order gives an even bigger win. Hit the jackpot for 5,000 credits! Double Paycheck:*Extra money your paycheck is a always a good thing. With this game, the Wild not only matches any symbol on the payline, it doubles the winning payout too! Hit two 'Double' symbols on the payline, and your winning combination is quadrupled! Win up to 2,500 credits in one spin! Black Gold Double Jackpot:*10,000 credit jackpot - the 'Double Jackpot' doubles your winning payout. Two Doubles on the same payline multiply your win by 4X! See if you can hit those Lucky Sevens! Triple Payday Bonus:*We can't triple your paycheck, but we can triple your wins, or even multiply your winning payout by 9X! Bars, Sevens, and Triple bonus multiplier. Double Gold Silver & Bronze.*Similar to Wild Gold Silver & Bronze, but with bonus multipliers. Double or even quadruple your winning paylines, and a jackpot work 4,000 credits! Hi Five Jackpot.*Cherries, Bars, Sevens and a Five Times multiplier that stacks with your winning payouts. Get two '5X' symbols on the same line, and increase your win 25X! Options:*Play in Lanscape or Portrait mode on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Listen to music on your ipod, or turn on the sound FX & reel music. Select from three different payout ratios choose a slot machine that plays like the Casino slots - 90% payout rate. Or select 'Loose Casino' with a payout ratio of 97%. Or go for broke with a loose slot machine with a Payout rate of 105%.
Release Date: June 7, 2010

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