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HacX Classic


*** HacX Classic *** Full game for Free ***G.E.N.I.E. RulesWhole cities lie in ruinsEntire countries laid wasteOver 5 billion people dead, used for food or for genetic mutation experimentsSituation: HopelessGet over it! You got work to doWho says there's no such thing as heroes anymore?An extreme first-person shooter from Banjo Software, ported by General Arcade (all permissions granted)Features:- 21 level (1 secret level)- 9 weapons: Kick, Hoig Reznator, Pistol, Tazer, Cryogun, Uzi, Photon 'Zooka, Stick, Nuker- Tons of enemies- Multiplayer over WiFi: cooperative and deathmatch- Customizable controls- Original soundtrack- Powered by Doom™ engine (id Tech 1 engine) iPad version also available for FREE
Release Date: September 23, 2010

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