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Table Tennis Soul Tournament


A clever, devilish multiplayer Ping Pong Game Use your iPhone as ping pong paddle with the free application My Soul! Play with friends wherever you want. Share unforgettable moments playing up to 4 players simultaneously in furious matches. Also, thanks to the portability of the iPad, fight all the opponents you can imagine where you want to feel free and have instantaneous fun. From 1-4 players, a multitude of possibilities Table Tennis Soul Tournament is thought to play singles like doubles, against one or more opponents thanks to the large screen of the iPad. The integration of the "COM" opponents integrating an AI allows the player to train in all these playable’s configurations. DON'T FORGET TO GET THE MY SOUL APPLICATION AVAILABLE ON THE APPSTORE TO PLAY WITH YOUR iPHONE OR YOUR iPOD TOUCH.
Release Date: September 10, 2010

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