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F.A.S.T. Strike: Atlantic


Play the best Air Combat game in the App Store! F.A.S.T. can have you play head to head versus enemies all over the world! F.A.S.T. Strike: Atlantic is an arsenal of weapons prepared for just for you!! This Bundle contains: - Open Ocean War Zone with Naval Targets - 20 BFM-2000 Missiles - 10 Flares - G-Force Reduction Suit upgrade - Premium Upgrade The Premium upgrade unlocks: - 30 Training excursions - 36 Campaign Missions - 10+ planes unlocked via campaign or training exercises Fly white-knuckle missions against a variety of jet aircraft armed with advanced missiles and mini guns. Fly freely in a full 3D, 360-degree environment with realistic flight controls using the accelerometer. Zoom past the speed of sound and eliminate your enemies via advanced weaponry such as radar-guided missiles, heat seeking missiles and 20mm air-to-air machine-guns. FEATURES • Fly over 30+ missions and learn how to dogfight! • Fly the deadly aircrafts miles above the earth. • Utilize multiple weapons such as Radar Guided Missiles, Heat Seeking Missiles and 20mm mini guns. • The best full 3D, complete-control dog fighting combat environment available! • Connect to SiGN from within F.A.S.T. Strike: Atlantic and track your play! • Connect to Facebook from within F.A.S.T. Strike: Atlantic and share your war stories. • Game Center leader board, achievement and game invite system fully integrated. • New Talon grinding system – The more you play more Talons you earn! Redeem Talons for Market items! Check out this video! http://budurl.com/sgnfast
Release Date: July 5, 2010

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