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La Briscola


************************************************************************FREE online gaming!! Choose your opponent between millions around the world! It is FREE************************************************************************How do we play cards today? With our iPhone and iPad, of course! Here for you is the all-time-favourite La Briscola in its best suit.An intriguing traditional Italian card game, played for centuries and loved by every-age players! Easy but challenging: you must get the cards with the highest score and use your trumps wisely! If you have never played it, La Briscola offers you the chance to have a perfect first time! A card game has never felt so easy and enjoyable to play.The ORIGINAL cards made beautiful, the excitement of throwing that ace on the table and smack your opponent, now brought to your iPhone and iPad for you to enjoy. Try a new strategy, go onto the next level, challenge your friends or just indulge in your memories. La Briscola is easy and straight-forward, designed for you that already accepted the challenge of competing with the best players in the world or never played yet.Play at your best and prove you are the best! Have it now and grab the exclusive chance to play online FOR FREE!Also,- we thank the Teodomiro Dal Negro for offering the original traditional Italian Regional cards. For you, 16 beautiful card decks to choose among;- play against the virtual opponent (single player mode) or ask someone to join you at the "table" (2 players mode);- MILLIONS of players in the Global High-Score for you to test your abilities;- Play online against a friend or a random opponent from anywhere in the world;- And we are proud to announce that MORE THAN 60 MILLION games have been played in only 20 months! Let us know what you think of La Briscola on our new Facebook page www.facebook.com/outofthebit and follow us on Twitter @outofthebit to be updated on our latest and share your opinions!
Release Date: November 3, 2010

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