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X-Plane Airshow


NOTE: If you have an iPhone-4, then you might consider getting X-Plane HDEF-4G. X-Plane Airshow is optimized for phones and pads OTHER than the iPhone 4! And now, on with the show! Now THIS is a fun app. Here is the name of the game: Hop in any of the 6 jets and warbirds that come with the app and go fly an airshow routine. For your first flight, you will want to do a VERY simple routine, trust us. Then, when done, go to the settings screen and hit the SAVE FLIGHT button at the bottom. The flight you just flew is saved to your pd or phone. Then, select take-off at that airport again and you will see another plane sitting there on the runway, ready to fly! That plane will fly the exact routine that you just flew and now you will fly formation with him through the airshow routine! This is much harder than it sounds, because the flight dynamics are realistic, and airshow flying is among the most challenging in the world. If you can hold formation all the way through the flight, right down to landing, then you will get a score based on how tightly you held formation. Can you fly an amazing airshow routine in an F-15, and then do it again IN FORMATION? The challenge is EXTREME. We can promise you that.
Release Date: November 23, 2010

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