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X-Plane Seaplane


NOTE: If you have an iPhone-4, then you might consider getting X-Plane HDEF-4G. X-Plane Seaplane is optimized for phones and pads OTHER than the iPhone 4! And now, on with the show! Now this a FUN little App. Because you asked for it, we give you: X-Plane SEAPLANE. We are starting off with a Canadair CL-415 Water-Bomber, Cessna 172 on floats, and a SeaKing twin-turbine helicopter to take driving, flying, and swimming. All of these craft are amphibious, so they can handle water ops, as well as land on the paved runways. Can you master the water take-offs and landings as well as the ones from dry-land? Can you descend from hover in for a smooth water landing the SeaKing helo? All of the dynamics here are realistic, and the new water rendering is pretty impressive… can you handle these flying and swimming challenges? We can.. and they are pretty darn fun!
Release Date: December 1, 2010

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