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A Christmas Carrot


Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas again and it looks like Bounder has been especially good this year. With a stocking full of quick growing Christmas Carrots he's sure to have a splendid season. Chuck on the other hand (Bounder's nut-chucking nemesis) is being a bit of a scrooge. But you really can't blame him. After all, what's a mischievous squirrel to do with a stocking full of coal anyway? Charles Dickens would be ROFL if he were alive to play this ode to a Christmas Carol. Bounder's Christmas Carrot is a delight to play any time of year and, like Dickens’ classic, reminds us in its own silly way of the Spirit of Christmas is goodwill to all. It's up to you, O' Merry Gentlepeople, to put your fingers to work and help Bounder spread a bit of joy this holiday season. This free game is a holiday gift to you from Kaio Interactive. For Bounder's full adventure, please check out Bounder on the AppStore. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! er...a good game!
Release Date: December 15, 2010

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