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Pac-Man Battle Royale


Pac-Man Battle Royale for iPad!! To commence the launch of the North American arcade release of Pac-Man Battle Royale this coming January (2011), we are offering a free iPad version of the game! Pac-Man Battle Royale is a social game for North American arcades that pits up to 4 players against each other battling in the latest Pac-Man. -Rules are simple and clear! 1. Last Pac-Man standing wins. 2. Eat a power pellet and you can do more than just eat the Ghosts, you can eat the other players and eliminate them! -Controls are simple! Use the joystick on the iPad display and you can control Pac-Man just like the original classic. No other game is as fun for groups of friends! 2011 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
Release Date: January 28, 2011

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