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i HABU Shogi


?Supervised by Japanese Chess Champion, Mr. Habu, and authorized by Japanese Shogi Association.?This Shogi Application, not only “Play go”, but rate –up training is also availble by containing several kinds of games in which Shogi is utilized.?A move is expectedOriginal applicationThe user compete how many the same move he can select from the record of the game of go of Mr.Habu by making it as a quiz.Online mode is real time progress, and discussion with other player through Twitter is available.Offline mode is to be solved by your pace. ?Playing a gamePlaying game with computer mode & playing with 2 player mode using iPad as a Shogiboard?Shogi mating problemRating up training by using Shogi mating problemOptional purchasing of extra mating problem is possible and total problem is 1250 sets. Time Attack mode is to compete the number of quiz which the user solved, and Flash mode is continuous solving the quiz in limited short time.For excellent challenger, celebration word from Champion Mr.Habu will be given through Twitter?Shogi Rule SchoolShogi Rule can be learned like a game to user who want to start Shogi as a beginner.
Release Date: April 6, 2011

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