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I Found It


'I Found It' photo spot the differences game offers:* 10 differences per photo - 5 selected for use in each game * upto 70 levels with in-app album purchase.* 9 difficulty settings to chose fromKeep Searching There are 252 possible combinations of differences per photo! Each photo has 10 differences, the game randomly choses 5 of these to be used. Play 10 photos (chosen from 20 photos of the full photo album) in the free version.Increase the photo album size...Purchase the app to unlock the 'photo album' which contains 70 photos giving 17640 possible difference combinations. Play all 70 photos in the game. Further album size increases are planned for future version updates of the game.'I Found It' ensures you keep searching for differences between the 2 photos rather than memorizing them.Difficulty ControlThe game will always display 5 differences between the 2 photos but you get to decide how many you need to find to complete a level. Find 3, 4 or 5 differences to advance. The countdown timer can also be changed to allow you 45, 60 or 90 seconds to find the differences per level.'I Found It' lets you decide how hard the game is.High Quality PhotosInteresting and varied photo subjects keep the game play interesting.Zoom InZoom and pan around the photos to help find the differences.PauseNeed to stop playing but don't want to lose your best score? Simply pause the game and return to the same location on restart.High ScoresUse the game's scoreboard to keep track of your best scores, levels reached or log onto Game Center to see how you compare.MusicPlay to the relaxing game music or select from your own iPod library from within the game settings.
Release Date: July 27, 2011

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