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Temple Run



Fulfil the required task to unlock the achievement. There are 22 in total.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Score 500,000 points1/2 Million Club
Scored 250,000 points1/4 Million Club
Run 10,000 meters10K Runner
Run 5,000 meters5K Runner
Scored 25,000 pointsAdventurer
Run 1,000m without collecting any coinsAllergic to Gold
Ran 2,500 metersAthlete
Resurrect twice in one runDouble Resurrection
Use a Head StartHead Start
Scored 100,000 pointsHigh Roller
Collected 500 coinsLump Sum
Filled the bonus meter 4xMega Bonus
Score 1,000,000 pointsMillion Club
Run 500m without collecting any coinsMiser Run
Collected 1,000 coinsMoney Bags
Ran 500 metersNovice Runner
Collected 750 coinsPayday
Collected 250 coinsPiggy Bank
Collected 100 coinsPocket Change
Resurrect after dyingResurrection
Ran 1,000 metersSprinter
Scored 50,000 pointsTreasure Hunter

Contributed By: _Genesis.