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Rabbids Go Phone Again


This update is not advised for iPhone 3G, IPod Touch 2nd generation or earlier models owners, because it won't offer an optimum game experience. There is a Rabbid stuck in your device! Get your fingers on the brand new version of the Rabbids app' and enjoy yourself torturing and interacting with your very own Rabbid. With the new Rabbids app', discover new moves and interactive accessories to mess with your captive Rabbid to your heart's delight; take memorable photos with him and share your raving pictures with your community through Facebook; get direct access to the latest news, videos, wallpapers, etc. directly on your device. Key Features Tease your Rabbid... Tickle, toss or shake your captive Rabbid and play tricks on him thanks to new interactive objects like the toilet brush or the goldfish...oops...piranha! Try to find as fast as possible all the madcap interactions available in the app' and compare your scores with your friends on Game Center. Strike a pose with your Rabbid! Immortalize unique moments with your Rabbid. Upload a photo or take one and use the photo tool to create crazy pictures with the Rabbids. Share your unique creations with your friends by email or Facebook and spread the Rabbids attitude! Keep your finger on the pulse of the Net's craziest community! Stay connected with the Rabbids Community thanks to the facebook newsfeed, get access and check out the latest Rabbids Youtube videos directly on your device. Rabbidize your phone! Unlock tons of new wacky playthings: exclusive wallpapers, delirious videos, images (..) and give a new style to your Rabbid's playground thanks to new thematic backgrounds. More surprises for the Rabbids addicts Want more? Buy additional thematic content including exclusive costumes to pimp your Rabbid, gags, wallpapers and an extended version of the photo tool.
Release Date: April 5, 2012

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