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Daily Word Bingo


Got a minute? That's all it takes for this daily quick-thinking challenge! Name an animal beginning with "M". Think of a career beginning with "D". Sounds easy, but it's trickier when the pressure is on! Sixty seconds start now...Can you complete the bingo card by getting 25 different answers for the same subject? Probably not :) But can you get more than anyone else? Each game lasts just a day, and the next day you can check back and see how you did against other players from around the world, and see the most popular words submitted for each letter of the alphabet.Don't even think about cheating - our team checks every answer to make sure it's legitimate, and you'll have points deducted for bad answers. So you know that the person at the top of the leaderboard is actually the best, and not someone who said "MFFF" is a type of cake.There's a new FREE daily game with a different subject every day, and if you want to play more you can practice using all the past subjects for a small fee.Features:? A new puzzle to play every day? We validate answers to weed out the cheats!? Compete for the top spot in daily leaderboards? Earn Game Center achievements? Share your results on Facebook and Twitter
Release Date: December 21, 2011

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