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Faerie Alchemy


What wonders await those brave enough to follow the alchemical path of magic? Transmute the magical elements together in your cauldron to form great and valuable creations. Collect resources to attain a masterful level of skill.Faerie Alchemy is a game by Subsoap.?????Current Features:• Easy to learn but difficult to master game mechanics.• Universal App - iPad + iPhone + iPod Touch support.• Can you create all of the alchemical elements?• Unlock three Game Center achievements.• Collect elemental resources for future use.• Get and surpass your own local highscores.• Learn the practice of alchemy!?????Future Updates:• Leaderboards: compete on score with your friends and others online.• Adventure Mode: Travel the land as you explore Avalon's wondrousness.• Recipes: Experiment with combining the different elements that you have collected to create new and unique items of power.• More of everything.?????Need to contact us? Go to Subsoap.com and use the Contact Us link there.We plan to release regular updates to this game. Please enjoy Faerie Alchemy!
Release Date: November 22, 2011

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