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Hack Time


It's TIME for a THIRD Hack Run!Note: Hack Time is the third installment in the Hack RUN series. You should try the free version 'Hack RUN free' before starting this game.Once again, your mission is to penetrate a strange organization’s infrastructure to discover their secrets. Your employer needs help discovering who is out to get her and she only trusts you to take on this perilous mission. Hack Time uses old-school prompts (like DOS and UNIX) to access virtual programs and systems. Gain access to users’ files and emails to discover new ways to dig deeper and deeper. Hack Time includes these newly developed interface enhancements:GAME CENTER SUPPORTEarn achievements and track your leaderboard score against other players.CONVENIENT MAIN-MENU POPUPEnables you to access important content quickly.CONFIGURE TEXT & BACKGROUND COLORSChoose from black, white and green.PERSONAL NOTEPADKeep track of where you’ve been with the built-in notepad.Additional enhancements: More “substantial” levels. Earn your way to the final goal. Two new modes of communication to “interface” with users. More levels than in Hack RUN or in Hack Run ZERO. Stuck on a level? Just use the 'hint' or 'answer' commands to help you along.Hack Time is a game. It is not a tool or aid for learning how to hack into real computer systems. i273, LLC does not endorse hacking.
Release Date: March 29, 2012

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