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The Garden of Dewden once used to be alive with butterflies, birds, bees and streams of gushing water. Not anymore. Everything’s almost dead but there is one last drop of hope. D.ROP – the last drop of water left on Dewden. What once used to be his playground is now a cemetery. Will D.rop manage to restore the splendour and glory of the Garden of Dewden or will evil insects and parched plants swallow him?With exciting game play and over 40 levels of non-stop fun D.ROP is an extremely addictive and consistently challenging game. Featuring accelerometer and touch options and inbuilt collectibles that will come handy in future versions of the game. There couldn’t be a better time than now for the new superhero of the world to lead the way. Split D.rop to revive multiple flowers and help them bloom. Watch out for holes in the leaf before jumping or sliding off them. Use diveboard leaves for high jumps to cover distances. Stay away from snakes, spiders and other slithering creatures. Watch out for the Venus flytraps and the likes. Coming Soon – D.rop’s fabulous adventures in new worlds. Make every drop count.
Release Date: April 12, 2012

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