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Cabbage Defense

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50.00% Overall Rank: n/a
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
2012 Games Rank: n/a
2012 iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rank: n/a
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? SUMMARY & OBJECTIVE ?A fun strategy/tower-defense game with a farming/zombie twist! Plant cabbages along the path to defend against the attacking ZomBunnies, who increase in strength, speed, and numbers each day. Survive 60 days (levels) to win the game. ? STORY ?The year is 2099. The earth has been overrun by Zombies. You are a humble cabbage farmer and your farm has been safe. So far... One day, you see a strange-looking bunny sniffing around your cabbage patch. Only, THIS bunny is not hungry for cabbage. It's a ZomBunny, and it's hungry for human meat! You run inside and lock the door, but it's too late. Soon the bunny will be back and it will bring it's friends. Lucky for you, you have some great ways of defending yourself. Since it's the future, you grow genetically enhanced super-cabbage. And each type has it's own special purpose and can help you defend your farm. You also have a laser-equipped pitchfork as your last-line of defense. Can you survive the ZomBunny invasion for 60 days?? ABOUT CABBAGES ?There are five types of cabbage you can grow, each having its own special purpose. You buy seeds and plant them in your farm. Some crops grow faster than others. And you get money every day from the leaves that they produce.? PLAIN CABBAGE:This is the most delicious variety. It cannot attack ZomBunnies but it grows fast and is the best cash crop. Use it to raise money fast.? SEEDER CABBAGE:This cabbage can fire small hard seeds at ZomBunnies. Best for light long-ranged attacks. A good first-line of defense. These irritating seeds hurt!? PODDER CABBAGE:This cabbage packs a punch by launching heavy green pods. Mid-range defense. The pods burst apart on impact and deal splash damage to nearby ZomBunnies. A heavy hitter!? STINGER CABBAGE:Have you ever been stung by a hornet? This cabbage has hornet DNA, and the sting hurts!!! When a ZomBunny is stung it gets very sick, and very slow...? CHOMPER CABBAGE:The chomper has some gator DNA, which gives it bite-force of 1000 psi and a big appetite for ZomBunnies! One bite always does the job no matter how strong the ZomBunny. This cabbage bites back!? TIPS & HINTS ?+ Stock up on Plain Cabbage early in the game. They have high yields and are the best way to build up your money.+ Plant cabbages in spots where they have more chances to attack enemies. Bends in the road are ideal because enemies go and then come back around.+ Don't use up your weapon's charge too fast, sometimes you will need it if the Zombunnies get past the cabbage defenses.+ To get the most out of your weapon, target enemies that are not being already being attacked by cabbage.+ Try to let seedlings finish growing before the level ends so you get money from them. + If you run out of planting space, sell weaker crops and replace them with more powerful types.
Release Date: April 21, 2012

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