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The King of Fighters-i 2012



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Time Attack in under 5 minutesAfter all, you're just trash
Complete all endingsAll's right with the world!
Clear Team Battle using Elisabeth Team on Hard or higher difficultyAlong with the Great Sun!
Clear Single Battle using Ash without continuing on Hard or higher difficultyAu Revoir
Clear Team Battle using Art Of Fighting Team on Hard or higher difficultyCome to my dojo!
Clear all challengesDance like a butterfly.
Win 5 VS Battles in a rowDie yabo!
Perform 100 Target ActionsDon't rush, don't rush!
Get 100,000 Prize (in Rank Versus & Friend Versus Modes)Field work is my line of work.
Clear Single Battle using Billy without continuing on Hard or higher difficultyGo to hell!
Beat 100 Male CharactersGood Bye, Mr. Ladies' Man!
Clear Team Battle on Very Hard without continuingGuts, guts are everything!
Acquire all Trading CardsHmpa...this is only natural.
Perform 50 MAX CANCEL (except Training & CHallenge Modes)How Was It?
Win 100 VS BattlesI praise you.
Do a VS BattleI really entered into the battle...
Rivals are registered in RANK VERSUSI shall be satisfied if it's you.
Get all IconsI want to play dress-up!
Beat 50 characters in Endless ModeI'll burn everything.
Clear Team Battle using K' Team on Hard or higher difficultyI'll decide what I'm worth myself!
Win 50 VS BattlesI'll remember that...
Get 20 Perfect victoriesI'm just perrfect.
Acquire all SR Trading CardsI'm so lucky!
Clear Team Battle using Kim Team on Hard or higher difficultyIf you win, you will graduate!
Clear Team Battle using Psycho Soldier Team on Hard or higher difficultyIt's a return to my origin!
Hit 200 times using Special Moves (except Training & Challenge Modes)Let's go all out!
Clear Team Battle using Ikari Warriors Team on Hard or higher difficultyMission Complete!
Win a VS BattleReady to fight!
Activate HD Mode 100 times (except Training & Challenge Modes)Show me what humans are made of...
Clear Challenge ModeSting like a bee.
Get 40 Catch PhrasesThank you for your words of encouragement.
Clear Team Battle using Fatal Fury Team on Hard or higher difficultyThanks!
Win 2 VS Battles in a rowThat wasn't nearly enough!
Collect 1 Million CoinsThe budget? Money is not a concern.
Play 10 days in a rowThe case is closed
Complete all achievementsTHE KING OF FIGHTERS
Edit My CardThis is fine like this.
Perform 100 Super Special Move finishesThis is the finale!
Get all Catch PhrasesThis was just a greeting!
Clear Time Attack in under 3 1/2 minutesTime is cruel.
Get all IllustrationsWhat a lovely sight!
Beat your opponent by KO in under 20 secondsWhat stupid guys they are!
Clear Team Battle using Women Fighters Team on Hard or higher difficultyWhere Is Andy!?
Hit 200 times using NEO MAX Super Special Moves (except Training & Challenge Modes)Wow! Fire!
WIn 20 VS BattlesYahoooo!
Beat 100 Female CharactersYou give Japanese women a bad name!
Clear Team Battle using Yagami Team on Hard or higher difficultyYou'll pay the interest with your own life!
Hit 200 times using Super Special Moves (except Training & Challenge Modes)You're Just A Beginner!
Clear Team Battle using Japan Team on Hard or higher difficultyYou're not enough to get me to burn
Beat 20 characters in Endless ModeYou're weak!

Contributed By: DCRage.