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QCat -Toddlr's PreSchool Learning Game : Fruit


QCat - PreSchool Learning Game : Fruit is a interactive learning game for kids and toddlers from ages 1-6 it include 6 games to help kids have fun and know the fruits *** FEATURES *** - 5 different games that teach kids about colors, name, counting, memory, matching of fruit. - Cute animated QCat helps kids as along as they play games. - lot of sounds and voice recordings of fruit names. - Interaction Animated reward! Kids get a colorful candy and fruit rain reward after every game they win. - Designed for preschoolers, easy to using. - multi level game for kids, every time would be different. - learning fruit's English *** INCLUDED GAMES *** 1. Fruit Match . Match pairs of fruit to take away for QCat. (level: 3X2 , 4X3 ,5X4) 2. Fruit Memory training . Match pairs of fruit hidden behind the cards.(level: 3X2 , 4X3 ,5X4) 3. Counting. Count off the fruit. Teaches numbers and counting. 4. Color. Touch the color of that fruit that QCat like to get. Identify colors. 5. Fruit Name . QCat like to get the fruit by it's name ! take it to QCat, teach toddler fruit name. 6. PuzzleColorful fruit jigsaw for kids7. Catch MouseSometime,Mouse would show up screen to interrupt QCat's job, just touch mouse , he will give you some reward.8. Puzzles.easy jigsaw for kids to Identify shape.
Release Date: May 16, 2012

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