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Valkyrie Gauntlet 2


Take control of a Valkyrie warrior, smash your way through hordes of Dratok's minions in an epic fantasy adventure!? VALKYRIE GAUNTLET REVIEWS ?Must Have Game! ?????As title says, and it's free [...] - by Kirika ValentineI like where your going with this? ????The movement and fighting is really good and the sound is very nice [...] This is an enjoyable game [...] one of the best 3D Hack and Slash I have seen. Great idea - by YellowJacket LE? STORY PREVIEW ? "Beyond Yggdrasil came men bound by deathTwisted with evil and driven by painValkyries arise! Send them back to the depthsMighty Odin daughters and chooser of the slain!"The stronghold of the Valkyries has been breached and the unrelenting forces of Dratok pour in from every corner. For the first time since time immemorial, the light of the Valkyries is threatened, can you - the mighty Commander of the Valkyries defeat this darkness?Barely a moment has passed since the battle begun, the Valkyrie Madiens are ambushed and taken by Dratok. Only one Valkyrie is left behind - stripped of power by dark magic, you must lead this Valkyrie on an epic adventure to save the Valkyries and restore their might.? NOT A "FREE-IUM" GAME! ?The game is completely FREE to play, you can complete the game - over 20 hours of content, without purchasing a single thing!We set out to give you the best Action RPG experience on mobiles, this is THE Hack & Slash, Dungeon Crawling, Boss Slaying, Gear Looting Valhalla!? GET AWESOME REWARDS WITH FRIENDS ?Get CHAMPION Gear when Game Center friends play VALKYRIE GAUNTLET 2.1 Friend - Abysmal Armor3 Friends - Soul Stealer (Weapon)5 Friends - Will Breaker (Trinket)7 Friends - Ether Ward (Shield), Claim CHAMPION Gear from the in-game Shop and start owning!? FEATURES ?• Over 200 weapons, shields, armor and trinkets to collect and dispose your foes with.• Over 700 dungeon rooms to battle through.• Train your Valkyrie through 50 levels - get IMBA!• 92 Achievements to gain.• Play anyway you want! Choose strength, intellect, dexterity or a mix build for your valkyrie.• Experience the ultimate test of skill and tenacity when you unlock Infinity Gauntlet!• 12 Game Center Leaderboards - be the best Valkyrie Commander among your friends in every way possible!• FightPro© combat system makes you battle like a boss. • Immersive fantasy music score and soundtrack. • True 3D surround sound. (Plug in your headphones!) • Slash© game engine allows you to battle in full 3D with silky smooth battle animation and effects.• Hours of fun-filled adrenaline action at your fingertips. ?????
Release Date: August 29, 2012

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