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A Blocky Kind of Love


A fresh new take on a love adventure lets you pursue romance on a wild ride over land sea and air. Your object of affection needs to be won over. Do you have what it takes to win her/his heart?Don't let the cute voxel graphics fool you: behind this game is a top notch physics simulation that will let you drive cars, fly choppers, ride horses and row boats with the utmost realism.? Infinitely cute voxel graphics? Unsurpassed vehicle physics? Retina support? 5 free levels? 5 premium levels via *single* I.A.P.? Multiple scenarios: ? ? ?Game by Bram Stolk, Music by playonloop.comI would like to thank my play testers Amy Gelin, Antti Lehtinen, Thomas Peters and Troy Woodfield.
Release Date: September 17, 2012

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GameSpot 09/04/12 Movie n/a