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????? As ruler of an island kingdom, you build up grand citadels and storm into exciting battles with the armies of your fellow players.In Ikariam you have command over experienced architects, soldiers and ingenious diplomats. Your new culture rises up between the glitteringly blue sea and the fine white sands of a small island. But to attain growth you will need a constant supply of resources and accommodation for your people. Mine your resources or defeat your fellow players on the battlefield for a chance of honour and a chance to get to their resources. On top of that, you can engage other cultures in trade agreements to secure your future. Lead your island kingdom to wealth, form alliances and go war against other players.Newcomer friendlyStart setting up your town in a protected area and bit by bit discover the vast array of possibilities that Ikariam has to offer.Build, trade, settle and lootBuild your town from ground up. Get in contact with other players to trade your wares. Settle new lands in the search of valuable luxury resources. Battle your enemies and loot their resources.Suitable for opportunist playersYour people will continue to work on your tasks without you. As ruler, you can allow yourself time away from your people without having to worry about your accomplishments going awry.Cooperative playForm an alliance, unite with your friends, establish trade agreements and undertake looting missions with your allies.Intuitive research systemAllow your clever inventors to develop sophisticated devices and dangerous war machines. Continually discover new technology, weaponry and buildings so that your island kingdom can benefit from their valuable advantages.Endearing graphicsThe blooming metropolis is extremely well detailed and soon there will even be so useful as well as gorgeous buildings that line the tidy streets.AN ENTIRE ISLAND KINGDOM WAITS FOR YOU, ITS NEW RULER!Gameforge - http://www.gameforge.com
Release Date: October 31, 2012

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