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HackWorks is not like other games… On 18 August this year, a large number of servers around the world crashed for reasons as yet unknown. The crash appears to have been linked to a series of strange codes, which have been discovered inside multiple computer systems. We have yet to determine their significance. We have therefore developed this free application to enable as many people as possible to help us decipher and create a database of these codes, so we can work out what they are and where they came from. We would like to learn as much as we can about this strange phenomenon. The HackWorkers CollectiveCont…Delve deep into the heart of computer networks and collect as much data as you can. The aim is to combine pieces of different strengths to construct the most powerful networks possible, without being caught.Find out more at:www.facebook.com/hackworkers (Hackworkers Facebook page)www.alt-minds.comContents:-Tutorial-50 levelsDeveloped in partnership with Lexis Numerique.
Release Date: November 13, 2012