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D - pixing is a words and pictures game, based on the tremendously popular rebus puzzles, where a word is represented by one or more images. It's truly unique because there are thousands of words and hundreds of illustrations - challenging you with the sounds of English and testing your visual vocabulary - against the clock !!! Language is transformed into illustrated symbols, a strangely satisfying return to the root of all writing which began as a series of pictograms. There are unusual words, amusing contemporary visuals and entertaining, surreal juxtapositions. D-pixing lite is a "try it you'll like it" free version. Like a simple visual dictionary you have to match a word to a picture, there are also a few words that are made up of two images. The word magnifying tool helps avoid frustration by providing an answer to any tricky image the player might stumble on. Good fun if you are learning or practicing English. The actual game has two more levels with words that are made of 2, 3, 4 or 5 images. This is where it gets interesting, difficult and funny. There is also a Homonyms bonus level for extra points. Can you find images representing words that sound the same, but are not spelt the same way?. Or a word that is illustrated in two entirely different images? The music and SFX for your playing pleasure is provided by the French DJ Mr Claude. This is the first of what could be several versions of d-pixing, it's still being developed, so visit us on Facebook, let us know what you think, post your scores and share your opinions over the correct way to pronounce "buoy". My ambition is to be able to furnish it with new levels, tiles and words, so I'm grateful for your support. I hope you enjoy D - pixing!. Professor Potts
Release Date: January 7, 2013