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Dream, Design, and Dance!A Drag-and-Drop Dance Studio for your iPad** Special Introductory Price **Calling all Bunheads and Breakers:Whether you're an accomplished prima ballerina, hip-hop street star, or just a beginning dancer, YOU can build your own routine and see it performed on stage with QDancer for iPad.With easy drag-and-drop commands, you are in total control. Choreograph an original routine for your ballet or hip-hop dancer, choose the right music, program the lights, change the scenery, and hit Show Time to see your dream dance become a reality!Build a routine for your ballerina with nearly 30 stationary and traveling dance moves, including arabesque, glissade, pas de bourrée, and many more.Create custom combos for your hip-hop dancer with over 30 authentic hip-hop moves – from the Dougie to B-boy, six step to gainer, and many back tucks in between. Then watch your routine performed full out on stage with the lights and set of your design.QDancer highlights:- Set your routine to any of our 10 original songs- Build your dance by arranging our 50 plus moves for the perfect performance- Customize the set with 6 backgrounds to choose from and lighting cues at your command- Choose to hear the name of each move as it's performed- Save unlimited routines to show off to family and friendsQDancer is easy-to-use and gives any dancer or music lover the tools they need to successfully choreograph a dazzling dance routine. Perfect your real-life moves by watching your avatar perform, or master a better understanding of how movement and music work together in perfect harmony.
Release Date: April 2, 2013