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Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time


Google Play Achievements

This title has a total of 75 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Freeze 20 Zombies with a single Iceberg Lettuce20 Below Zero
Destroy a Tomb Raiser before it can raise any gravestonesA-noob-is
Complete a level where Jesters return no projectilesAll in Jest
Plant Thyme Warp three times in the same levelBack From The Future 3
Complete a Beach level using only Bananas to destroy zombiesBanana Storm
Defeat the Sloth Gargantuars to collect their World KeyBarrage a Trois
Defeat 7 zombies with a single Primal Potato MineBash Potato
Complete a level using only Phat Beets to defeat zombiesBeet It
Defeat the Deep Sea Gargantuars to collect their World KeyBig Kahunka
Defeat a Boombox Zombie before it’s able to express its feelings through the power of songBreaking It Off
Use a Coconut Cannon to destroy an Imp CannonBroadside
Complete the Pirate Seas Challenge PackDavy Jones' Vase
Prevent all dinosaurs in a level from interacting with any zombiesDinos Sore
Plant 10 Snapdragons in a single levelDragon Age
Complete Far FutureDrop the Boss
Complete Neon Mixtape Tour, Side BDrop The Mic
Complete a level where Fishermen fail to hook your plantsFly Fishing Fail
Use the Lightning Reed on a chickenFried Chicken
Buff 20 Puff-shrooms with a single Plant FoodFungus Humongous
Unleash the Wild West GargantuarGiddyup!
Fire off 500 sun through a Magnifying GrassGrass Effect
Unleash the Modern Day GargantuarGreat Gargling Gargantuars
Unleash the Dark Ages GargantuarHammer Time
Use a magnet-shroom on a Punk ZombieHead Banger
Plant five Tall Nuts and use Plant Food on all of themHigh Five
Set a Newspaper Zombie's newspaper on fireHot Off the Presses
Complete a level where T. Rexes chomp 10 zombiesHungry, Hungry Dinos
On a level with Troglobites, don't let Troglobites push any ice blocks past the 6th columnIceblockade
Unleash the Egypt GargantuarKing Nut
Knock back 6 zombies with one hit from Chard GuardKnock 'Em Dead!
Complete Lost CityLost and Found
Stun 10 Zombies with one Chili BeanMagical Fruit
Unleash the Jurassic Marsh GargantuarMartial Marsh Masher
Complete Frostbite CavesMeltdown!
Complete Jurassic MarshMeteor, Right?
Destroy a Pirate Captain Zombie before its parrot can flyMutiny
Extinguish an Explorer Zombie's torchNo Smoking
Complete a level where Wizards fail to transform plants into sheepNot Baaad
Complete Ancient EgyptNut Un-Common
Complete the TutorialOff the Green
Complete Dark AgesOut of Darkness
Put butter on a Seagull ZombiePat the Birdy
Complete the Pirate SeasPirate Booty
Max out a Pea Pod on a mine cartPod Squad
Unleash the Lost City GargantuarPorter Thwarter
Beat wave 30 in Vasebreaker EndlessPottery Trained
Complete Modern DayPresent Perfect, Future Tense
Unleash the Far Future GargantuarPrime Mover
Create 5 new Gold Tiles in a single level with the Gold LeafRagweeds to Riches
Plant an Infi-nut that gets killed and regenerates two timesRe-Re-spawn
On a level with Weasel Hoarders, don't let any weasels jump over slidersRun Weasley
Destroy a YetiSasquashed!
Plant a Wall-nut on a mine cartShell On Wheels
Complete a level where Excavator Zombie shovels no plantsShovel Off
Thaw 13 ice blocks in a single levelSo Thawful
Clear a level where 3 Imp Porters have established campsSpawn Camping
Blow up a Zombie using a Potato MineSPUDOW!
Get 5 suns from a single Ra ZombieSun Catcher
Trigger a Sun Bomb to destroy a Cone MechSun Damaged
Destroy 10 zombies with a single bulb from Bowling BulbTen Pin Kapow
Use a Perfume-shroom on a Pterodactyl carrying a zombie towards your houseTerror Redactyled
Use Blover to clear out 30 Jetpack Zombies on one levelThe Jettisons
Complete a level with 20 powered Shadow PlantsThe Shadow Family
Complete a Future level without planting on Power TilesTile Denial
Complete a level where each of your plants comes from a different worldTime Traveler
Complete the Egyptian Challenge PackTomb Breaker
Defeat 10 zombies with Tangle Kelp in a single levelUndertow
Have 10 Red Stingers in the two columns closest to your houseUnwelcome Mat
Complete the Wild West Challenge PackVase Wrangler
Defeat the Heavy Metal GargantuarVolume to Sixteen
Complete Big Wave BeachWave Goodbye
Unleash the Pirate GargantuarYarr, Matey
Complete the Wild WestYee-Haw!
Complete a level where All-Star Zombies are unable to tackle even a single plantYou're an All-Star?
Destroy a zombie with only damage from Magnet-shroomYour Hat, Sir!

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.