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Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid



UnlockableHow to Unlock
DiscoveryBeach: Got all Crystal Medals (100)
EnduranceBeach: Got all Rolando Medals (50)
TalentBeach: Got all Time Medals (150)
Talent: Tapped a bomb fruit to blow it upBomb Fruit Bubblewrap (25)
Talent: Used the boomfinger to blow something upBoomfinger Master! (25)
Talent: Used the boomfinger to annihilate your enemiesBoomfinger Vengeance (35)
Talent: Completed stage “Little and Large”Captain Bomb Fruit (10)
DiscoveryCaves: Got all Crystal Medals (100)
EnduranceCaves: Got all Rolando Medals (50)
TalentCaves: Got all Time Medals (150)
Talent: Ate a chili pepper to inflate a RolandoChili Eater (25)
Discovery: Completed a dream induced gravity adventureCompleted a spirit quest (10)
Talent: Completed every stage in Rolando 2Completed Rolando 2 (200)
Talent: Destroyed the boss and claimed the Golden OrchidDefeated Uqishthatuximon (50)
Discovery: Found your first golden exit idolDiscovered a golden idol (35)
DiscoveryDiscovered the Cavernous Caves (50)
DiscoveryDiscovered the Island of Frontanis (50)
DiscoveryDiscovered the Mysterious Temple (50)
DiscoveryDiscovered the Savage Jungle (50)
DiscoveryDiscovered the Stormtop Mountain (50)
Talent: Drove a buggy like a proExpert Driver (25)
Talent: Used your finger to pull back and launch an arrowFinger Archer (25)
Talent: Defeated an enemyFinger, the Executioner (25)
EnduranceGot all Crystal Medals In Game (150)
EnduranceGot all Rolando Medals In Game (100)
EnduranceGot all Time Medals In Game (200)
Talent: Used a water fruit to rapidly grow a treeGrew a tree (25)
DiscoveryJungle: Got all Crystal Medals (100)
EnduranceJungle: Got all Rolando Medals (50)
TalentJungle: Got all Time Medals (150)
DiscoveryKingdom of Rolando: Got all Crystal Medals (50)
EnduranceKingdom of Rolando: Got all Rolando Medals (50)
TalentKingdom of Rolando: Got all Time Medals (150)
Talent: Completed stage “Go Go Gravity”Master of Gravity (10)
TalentMine Cart Rider (25)
DiscoveryMountain: Got all Crystal Medals (100)
EnduranceMountain: Got all Rolando Medals (50)
TalentMountain: Got all Time Medals (150)
Talent: Completed stage “Royal Responsibility”Royal Escort Expert (10)
Talent: Completed stage “Hello Princess”Saved a Princess (10)
Talent: Tapped a spikey bomb fruit to blow it upSpikey Bomb Fruit Bubblewrap (25)
Talent: Completed stage “Commando Time”Spikey Commando Commander (10)
Talent: Operated a Spikey Death BallSpikey Death Ball Driver (25)
Talent: Completed state “I Get Around”Started basic training (10)
Talent: Completed stage “There’s One Eye in Team”Team Leader Skills (10)
DiscoveryTemple: Got all Crystal Medals (100)
EnduranceTemple: Got all Rolando Medals (50)
TalentTemple: Got all Time Medals (150)

Contributed By: Guard Master.