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WhoSingIt is a great and addictive music game! Discover your IPod Library in a new fun way. You can play single mode or multiplayer (2 players on IPhone and up to 4 players with a single IPad).Challenge your friends on your Music Library with this great music game!***************************************************Some user reviews:"I love this app. It plays your own songs so I get to learn them better. Five Start App." DanceDance4EverGirl on US ITunes Store"Nice, simple and fun. Two player mode is great fun, and the three single-player modes offer some welcome variety to a very simple but tested formula - I absolutely *love* "hell mode"!" Bruno on US App Store"This is a perfectly stable music quiz app. Absolutely matches my expectations and then some. I would definatly recommend this app to anyone who wants a music quiz app" rorincent on US ITunes Store***************************************************You love showing how well you know all kind of music bands and songs? If so you will enjoy this application. You can play with the hundreds (thousands?) of songs available in your IPod Library and multiple game modes.Choose between 3 solo modes (easy, hard or hell) or the multiplayers mode!New game mode added in version 1.1: Training modeNew in version 2.0 - 2.3: - Universal app compatible with IPhone, IPod Touch and IPad- Multitask support: resume game after background activity- Pick Specific playlist to play (version 2.3.2)Note that update 1.1 is fixing some cases where the application was clausing at launch with very large IPod Library.Note: If message "No songs found in your IPod Library" appears after a synchronisation, please refresh your IPod Library. To do this, simply go to the native IPod Music application.
Release Date: July 19, 2009

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