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A. About Q_Ball Now, you will meet a new kind of baseball puzzle game. But only have to select the number from 1 to 0 at the top , and find the hidden numbers behind the diamonds by using the count(balls-and sytikes) There are ten numerical balls you can select,and change the selected number what you want. If you touch the "clear" then the selected number will be disappeared from the latest one. Once you touch the "done", the numbers will be moved toward the right box and record the count. If the hidden numbers are 6,2,1 in turn and selected numbers are 6,1,0 or 1,2,0 then the count record 1-ball and 1-strike. As the various makeup numbers, the same count is generated as well. Remember you've to find the number within the given time, and you can get score without deduction when you clear the game within basic trial. This game has four(4) different level to find and go next level when you clear the game or select like as arrows below. Enjoy !! B. Ball counter Strike : One or more number(s) you select is(are) vertically identical with hidden number Ball : One or more number(s) you select is(are) just identical with hidden number Nothing : All numbers of you select are not identical with hidden number in this case, marked the ball with an X, but you can select it again! For example; -------------------------- hidden number 610 (Diamond) selected number602 Ball counter : 1-Ball, 1- Strike -------------------------- and if, hidden number 610 selected number160 Ball counter : 2-Ball, 1- Strike --------------------------
Release Date: May 5, 2009

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