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**Now with GLOBAL HIGHSCORES & SCORELOOP CHALLENGES! (More info below)** Get yourself a new exciting puzzle experience! This game will take you far out in space to a somewhat deserted planet called T-KARA. On T-KARA youíll find an ancient stone grid where two different games can be played. * TIME-ATTACK - For the person looking for a fun, thrilling and somewhat tricky challenge! The goal is to make lines of at least 4 boxes of one color in order to get a match. Youíll be competing against the clock and each match will give you time to survive to the next level. In difference to puzzle games such as e.g. Bejeweled youíll be able to move the blocks freely, vertical or horizontal as many times as you wish. The unlimited moving might seem easy in the beginning but be aware! As you reach higher levels, obstacles such as locks or pattern boxes will appear. Some of these obstacles might be a bit tricky to get rid of but as you do, youíll get a great boost in time and score. However, if you choose to leave the obstacles, theyíll soon cover the whole play area and youíll have no normal boxes left to use! Think you can handle this challenge? * PUZZLE - For the relaxed person who enjoys a more comfortable challenge. In the puzzle game youíll find 12 picture puzzles with different levels of difficulty. Simply move the boxes around to get them in the right position. Try to create the right pattern by using as few moves as possible. Youíll be able to have a look at the picture from within the game. More puzzles will be added. Whenever you leave the game youíll be able to return and find it exactly as it were when you left it. This makes it a perfect game to play on the bus, train or any place you might get interrupted! Good Luck! SCORELOOP: This game is Scoreloop enabled. That means, you donít have to play it alone! You can compare your scores with other gamers worldwide and even challenge them directly. You can challenge just about anyone like your contacts or buddies on Facebook. Or you can simply challenge existing players by tapping their name in the high score list. You can also create and accept anonymous challenges. Scoreloop will make sure you play against someone who is about as skilled as you are. And if you really perform well, you can win medals that show your skills to your opponents in your profile. Find out how thrilling it is to challenge others! For more info on Scoreloop please visit: www.scoreloop.com
Release Date: August 10, 2009

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