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La Belle Lucie - Solitaire Connection


Rediscover your classic favorites or discover the classics and new games with Solitaire Connection, both as iPhone/iPod touch apps and online at http://enigram.com/solitaire. For best playing experience, the latest hardware generation is recommended. On earlier models, the latest version of iOS is recommended.La Belle Lucie is one of a series of Solitaire Connection's most popular games available on the App Store. Other Solitaire Connection games available on the App Store are:- FreeCell, Forty Thieves, Spider, Klondike, Triple Peaks, Fan- Scorpion, Eight Off, Canfield, Agnes Bernauer- Golf Ball, Pyramid 4, Russian Solitaire, Yukon, American Toad- Falling Star, Blondes and Brunettes, Aunt Mary Ann, Napoleon's Square OneMany games are included in a number of suites as well. Search for "Solitaire Connection" or "Enigram Games" to see all apps we have available on the App Store.Enjoy the classic solitaire gameplay:- Traditional card deck.- Portrait or landscape orientation, play with one finger or thumb or with both thumbs.- Orientation lock, tap and hold in the playing area to switch to fixed full-screen landscape mode and back.- Use drag and drop to move cards around, or tap to send cards to matching piles automatically.- Scroll and zoom using familiar gestures. Drag or swipe to scroll. Double-tap or pinch open/close to zoom in/out. E.g., zoom in on a card, tap and hold to grab it and use another finger to pinch close to zoom out.Other features:- Games in progress are automatically saved and restored.- Bonus points for skillful play.- Undo/Redo- Keep listening to your iTunes music as you play.- Change card backs and the background.- Discover more solitaire games online at http://enigram.com/solitaire
Release Date: October 29, 2009

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