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e-Catch the Feeling


Reinforce your positive feelings on the go using e-Catch the Feeling, a Brain Training Exercise by www.mybrainsolutions.com.Positive feelings have a flow on effect that makes you feel better and notice positive things around you. They are ‘contagious’, in that they enhance the wellbeing of yourself and others around you. Negative feelings have a similar contagious effect, and can spread worry and stress if they persist. Tuning in to positive more than negative feelings will enhance your overall wellbeing and happiness.e-Catch the Feeling is a brief game that allows you to reinforce your positive feelings. Optimizing positive feelings and mastering stress is associated with the respond rapidly to positive information, and ignore the negative. When feeling stressed and down, responses to this positive information are slowed, and the negative information stands out. This has been referred to as a ‘mood congruent bias’ (1,2). It has been linked to systems involving the frontal brain regions (3).1. Erickson K et al.. (2005). American Journal of Psychiatry, 162, 2171-2173.2. Murphy FC et al. (1999). Psychological Medicine, 29, 1307–13213. Elliott R et al. (2002). Archives of General Psychiatry, 597-604.e-Catch the Feeling is just one of the Brain Exercises on www.mybrainsolutions.com. Employers are using www.MyBrainSolutions.com to complement their wellness programs and improve the resilience of their workforce.www.MyBrainSolutions.com is an interactive Self Insight and Brain Training website for members to:· Reduce stress· Maximize positivity· Set and achieve goals· Boost memory, attention and logic.· Deal with others more effectively· Increase personal productivity and resilience.· Enhance wellbeing and performanceIf you’re interested in bringing MyBrainSolutions to your organization: email us at info@mybrainsolutions.com.Built by Take Five Labs (takefivelabs.com)
Release Date: November 18, 2009

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