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e-Faces and Names


Boost your social skills by mastering your ability to remember the faces and identities of people you meet. e-Faces & Names is a brain training game from www.mybrainsolutions.com. By presenting you with a series of faces and associated names and occupations, you are challenged to develop new strategies for taking ‘mental notes’ in helping you match the person’s face to their identity. Training to do this in a game can transfer this skill to the real world. Science Social skills are a central part of good Self Regulation [1,2]. For effective social skills, we often need to remember the link between people’s faces, names and occupations. To do this, we form associations between our Emotion, Feeling and Thinking processes. Sometimes we listen out for our own name, rather than make the association between another person’s name and their face. Our brain systems’ tend to pick up facial cues automatically [1]. However, they rely on practice and memory associations to identify a person and make the link to their name and occupation [3,4]. Practicing strategies for linking faces, names and occupations is a way to optimize these brain functions, and improve social skills. 1. Williams LM et al. (2008). Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, 7, 367-404. 2. Gordon E, et al (2008). Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, 7, 345-366. 3. Farah, M.J., Wilson, K.D., Drain, M. (1998). Psychol. Review, 105, 482-498. 4. Ellis, H.D., Young, A.W. (editors) (1989). Are faces special? In Handbook of research on face processing.. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam. e-Faces and Names is just one of the Brain Exercises on www.mybrainsolutions.com. MyBrainSolutions is an interactive brain training site to optimize your wellbeing and performance. Join the growing community of individuals who are using MyBrainSolutions to: · Reduce Stress · Boost Memory & Attention · & Maximize Positivity As a MyBrainSolutions member, you’ll receive a personal ‘Dashboard’ with access to: · A scientifically validated brain assessment to find your Brain Profile · An integrative set of ‘Exercises’ (games) · A range of ‘Insights’ Interactive video programs · Tools to track your successes & positive changes Become a Member Today
Release Date: January 21, 2010

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