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Kakuro CS

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Kakuro is a kind of logic puzzle that has all of the difficulty of crossword puzzles but adds the additional challenge of being based on math and logic. Sometimes referred to by other names, the Kakuro puzzle has gained a growing acceptance and is a favorite of anyone who likes to be challenged by number puzzles. The puzzles are played in a grid of black and white cells and the object of the game is to completely fill in the while cells with numbers which meet the following requirements: 1. Each white cell must be filled with a number from 1 to 9 inclusive 2. The sum of the numbers entered in each row and column must add up to the total for that row or column as indicated by the number in the black cells 3. You cannot use the same digit more than once in the same row or column Sounds easy, right? Try to use logic to figure out the best solution to each puzzle. You can, of course, use a brute force guessing technique, but there are many logical clues in the puzzles that can give you solving help such as to look at the various combinations of digits that will fit into a given row or column and rule out combinations that are not possible. Find rows or columns with sufficiently large or small total clue values because these have the fewest possible combinations. Features: * 52 unique solution puzzles with more to come * Help is available in the application to those who need it: * Starting hints - a row or column which can be shown to get you started * Auto-complete - fills in the last remaining box automatically for you * Show errors - will highlight any errors in your solution as you work * Combinations - see all of the valid digit combinations for the cell you're working on * Timer to keep track of the fastest solutions to each puzzle
Release Date: March 31, 2010

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148Apps 08/17/10 Review 3.5 out of 5