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Alice, a girl lost her way and a mysterious rabbit, both help together to exit the labyrinth. A labyrinth escape action game with a new sense of brain. -- About Rabbit Labirynth -- Alice was after a mysterious rabbit then lost her way. In front of them there is strange intruding characters and obstacles. Kind rabbit decided to take Alice her home. Can Alice get back home safely? A strange adventure gets started. -- Base Rules -- The goal of this action game is to clear the stages controlling two characters, "Alice" and "Rabbit". Escape from the labyrinth against many intruding characters and obstacles. 30 stages in all. At first, only 5 stages can be selected. But every time you clear the stages, you can select more. The clear time is registered for each stage. The goal is to finish as fast as you can! -- The feature of playing character -- Alice : She jumps low but able to put Rabbit upon her head. Also she can unlock. Rabbit : He jumps high and Alice jump higher when treads him. His special ability is suicidal explosion. -- Characters of the labyrinth -- Cheshire Cat : An ill natured cat. She can walk and jump, also bounce away Alice and Rabbit. Gryphon, Mock Turtle, Cap : They are so mild and let characters to ride them on.Alice can press Cap to move him. -- Constructions of labyrinth -- Gateway : Once Alice arrives, the stage is cleared. Keyhole : Can be unlocked only with the same colored key. Brick : Rabbit's suicidal explosion can break it. -- Special Actions -- Rabbit’s Jump : Alice jump higher when treads Rabbit. In this way she can jump over even a high wall. Ride Alice : Alice is able to put Rabbit upon her head. Suicidal explosion : The Rabbit's special ability is suicidal explosion. It can break the bricks. -- hint -- Secret of key : Only Alice can unlock the Keyhole but Rabbit can keep the key.If some place is impossible for Alice to go, Rabbit can go and bring the key back. Secret of cap : Alice can ride on the Cap. Let’s make it to move well. Caution of suicidal explosion : When Rabbit suicides, the bricks around him ( 4 direction) are broken. Keep in mind of the position of Rabbit.
Release Date: May 14, 2010

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