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All weapons, all keys, full ammo, armour and health

Press PAUSE while in a game. Now press and hold the # (hash) button and press PAUSE again. Release the ~ key and you'll have all the weapons, all keys and your ammo, health and armour will be totally full.

Contributed By: falsehead.

Invincibility Mode

While in the game press PAUSE then hold down the asterix key (*) and press PAUSE again. Release the asterix key and your characters face will now have yellow eyes, indicating he is totally invulnerable.

Contributed By: falsehead.

Level select

Type during gameplay.

1 + pauseLevel 1
2 + pauseLevel 2
3 + pauseLevel 3

Contributed By: nado.

Level Skip

Pause game,
Hold 0-9 to select level, no level 0
While holding, press pause again to warp to that level
A&B toggle 1X or 2X for access to levels 10-23
There is no level past 23, it will screw up the game

Contributed By: Tygran.