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BattleTanx: Global Assault


Cheat Codes

BRNCSSTSAll the flags show up a teddy bears
NNKNHCKSBrandons Gang
DRMWVRCassandra's Gang
WRDRBExtra Level in Campaign Mode
DPPCKTSExtra Money
80DYSLevel Select
DR1NKM3Mini Tanks (Team 1)
SHR1MPMini Tanks (Team 2)
T0MTHMBMini Tanks (Team 3)
M1N1M3Mini Tanks (Team 4)
PYGMYMini Tanks (Team 5)
PRSSTNCFTMScramble Models

Contributed By: Rage012, Fort Wayne, Violent K, Kratos_42, MI4 REAL, Here To Stay, KasketDarkfyre, neocode, and Sark Ragnar.


Get into ocean

Go to London Parliament. Get a mototank. Go to the underground tunnel. Get between the tunnel and the railing. Turn towards the tunnel. The tank should sink. Hold the turn button down for five seconds. Let go. Your tank will be in the air. Go towards the ocean. You are now in the ocean!

Contributed By: bballstar.

Easter Eggs

Nuggets of Wisdom

In the Level 3, Arizona Truck Stop, you can receive some "Nuggets of Wisdom." To do so, get some guided missiles (is easy to do with weapons cheat). Go back to the start, and look off to the left, OUTSIDE the map. There will be a car out there. Blow up the car with a guided missile, and read the hilarious words that come by on your screen. Some include "Squash the moto tank with a goliath!"

Contributed By: EwokCommanda.


Commit Suicide

I dont know why anyone would want to do this, but this is useful in multiplayer when you need a different tank. To do this, press all 4 C-buttons at the same time to commit suicide!

Contributed By: Cool mario 6446.

Enhanced Weapons

When you have 15 or more of a certain weapon(works well with All Weapons cheat) you can press A+B at the same time to fire an enhanced version of the weapon.

Contributed By: WaterMario222.