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Body Harvest


Cheat Codes

Enter your name as ICHEAT and use these codes during gameplay:

press A, Right, Down C, Right C, Up C, A, LeftAccess All Weapons
press Up, Down C, Right C, Z, Up, LeftAll Artifacts
press Down, Up, C-up, Down, C-right, C-rightDundee cheat
press C-left, C-right, A, C-down, C-right and then LeftEvil Black Suit
press A, C-up, C-up, up, leftExtra Smart-Bomb
press Left, A, Right, DownFat Legs
Down-C, Up, Z, Z, Up, Down-C, Right-CGenerates Alpha Power-up
press bottom-C, top-C, Up, Z, Z, Left, and right-CIncrease Weapon Power
press B, Left, C-right, C-right, DownKill Adam (main character)
press Down, Up, C-up, Down, C-right, C-rightMake Adam dance
press c-down, up, Z, Z, c-right, rightMutant Alien
press down, up, right, A, B, left, C-rightRestore Health
press Down, C-left, A, Right, ZShort Fat Adam
press C-down, up, right, right, C-right, A, leftSurreal Mode
press B, A, C-up, A, C-up, ATall and Lanky Adam
press Z, C-right, C-right, B, left, C-rightWeak Bosses

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre, Pyro Vesten, flowerpot, JChamberlin, freakunique, ElementalKnight, and Ben Zetlitz.