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Pause the game & press the following C buttons. (U=up/D=down/L=left/R=right)

D,D,D,D,D,D,D,DAll Cheats Off
D,D,R,L,U,U,D,LAll Checkpoints Open
L,R,L,R,U,D,R,RBall Control
R,U,U,U,U,L,L,DBoomerang Ball
U,L,L,L,L,U,R,UDeath Spell
L,D,U,R,L,L,D,DEnemy Ball
L,R,L,R,L,R,L,RFish-Eye View
U,R,D,R,U,L,L,UFrog Spell
D,D,D,L,L,D,R,LHercules Spell
D,D,U,D,D,L,R,DHuge Ball
R,R,D,R,R,R,U,LInfinite Energy
U,U,U,U,U,R,D,RInfinite Life
D,D,L,L,U,U,D,UInvisible Ball
U,U,U,L,L,R,L,RLevel Select
L,U,R,D,L,U,L,LLocate Garibs
L,L,U,L,R,U,U,ULow Gravity
D,R,D,U,L,D,L,UMad Gerbis
U,R,R,D,L,D,U,ROpen Portals
U,D,U,D,U,D,L,UPower Ball
R,D,R,D,U,U,R,LRotate Camera 45 Degrees CounterClockwise
D,U,R,R,D,L,R,RSecret Cheat
R,D,R,D,U,U,R,LShift Camera Left
L,R,U,U,D,R,D,RShift Camera Right
L,L,R,U,R,L,D,DSpeed Up Spell
U,L,L,U,R,L,D,USummon Ball

Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz, Deadmeat, Chegg, Florist Lillia, JOEDONBAKINGFOOL8888, Bagman007, KasketDarkfyre, freakunique, hero of time 43, and SaintDarkSide.