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Perfect Dark


Area 51 Rescue Glitch

As everyone who has ever failed in this level knows, if the crate you're lugging around gets blown up by stray gunfire, you fail the level due to not being able to access the research section.

Thankfully there's a nice glitch that allows you to bypass having to lug around that annoying crate altogether. The enemies in this area wield Dragons as their weapons, which is the key to the entire thing. Blast your way through the level until you're at the section of the wall that you need to blow up, then access the secondary function of the Dragon -- Proximity Mine -- and place it at the base of the wall. All you need to do from there is stand back and shoot the Dragon so blow both it and the wall up.

You've just accessed the research section without using the crate of explosives, and this glitch works even if you blow the crate up first despite the game telling you that it's a mission failure.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Beat the Challenges, without actually playing them!

All that is needed are 2 controllers, (3 or 4 if you want the remaining stars), and a simple scenario.

First, plug the 2 controllers in and head to Combat Simulator with a simple scenario saved (such as 1 MeatSim, Kill Limit 1). Take the 2nd controller, head down to ''load game'' and highlight what you will (in the future) use for your Challenge. Take your 1st Controller, and pick a difficult Challenge, such as Challenge 30, and select it until it says ''START CHALLENGE'' (the background will be red at this time). Pick up your 2nd controller, load your simple game, and start your Challenge.

What you just did was fool the game into thinking you're playing the Challenge, but you're actually playing a homemade scenario! Kill the MeatSim, and it's a game won. You will gain the star for the Challenge, and it's rewards gained from beating it.

Contributed By: Jimbo007.

Easily Kill Dark Sims in Multiplayer

Simply set up a multiplayer game against all Dark Sims with nothing but Remote Mines for weapons. It will only take a few seconds for the melee to begin, and you'll soon notice that Sims in Perfect Dark cannot detonate their own Remote Mines after they plant them!

Have a, um, er... blast. The only way you can possibly lose is if you blow yourself up on purpose, and this works wonders in inflating the stats on your bio.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Immortal Man

In the Carrington Institute, go downstairs into the main warehouse and you will see a hover crate. Take this hover crate up the ramps to the office floor and into the targetting range. Take it into the range itself and put it between the doors to prevent them from closing. You can shoot the man outside with any weapon you select in the range, and he will never die. Inspect his body afterwards to find him covered in red spots, knives sticking out of him, and crossbow bolts embedded in him.

Contributed By: Dark Fusion Inc.

Mission Complete - President Incapacitated???

A little fun for the Air Force One level;

When you meet the President and talk to him, pull out your gun. Then when the Cutscene starts immediatly skip it and kill the President. You'll get a "Objective: 1 Complete" message.

Contributed By: Kayuri_Kitsune.

Pelagic 2 X-Ray Glitch

At the end of the Pelagic 2 level after completing most of your objectives and finding Elvis, you're supposed to go through a massive corridor filled with guards hiding behind crates and such. Doing so is a massive struggle, especially on harder difficulty settings.

Thankfully, you have the X-Ray Scanner and can use it to bypass the entire process. Remember the large room on the top floor where you have to activate the Moon Pool Lift? Rather than going through the entire level and opening the door in the manner you're supposed to, slap on the X-Ray Scanner and activate the computer from through the wall.

If you've met up with Elvis at this point, the mission is over. If not, you need to run downstairs and fight your way through the guards until you reach Elvis. From there, return to your shortcut and to the Moon Pool Lift to end the level.

Regardless, you get to bypass the hallways of death at the end of the level, which is what this glitch is used for in the first place.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.


Co-op Simulant Cheats

These will change the ally (and its weapon) on Co-Op IF it is a simulant.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Attack Ship: Nullify Threat in under 5:17Unlock Alien (RC-P120)
Beat Carrington Villa: Hostage One in under 2:30Unlock Hit and Run (K7 Avenger)
Beat Area 51: Infiltration in under 5:00Unlock Hotshot (DY357 Magnum & DY357-LX)
Beat dataDyne Research: Investigation in under 6:30Unlock Pugilist (Unarmed)

Contributed By: Alchav.

Transfer Pak Unlocks

Get an N64 Perfect Dark game, a Transfer Pak, and a Game Boy Color Perfect Dark game. Plug the Transfer Pak into the back of your controller, put the GBC game in the Transfer Pak's slot, and turn the N64's power ON. You will now have the following cheats:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Transfer PakAll Guns
Transfer PakCloaking Device
Transfer PakHurricane Fists
Transfer PakR-Tracker/Weapon Cache Locations

Contributed By: Icy Guy.

Unlock Hidden Missions

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Successfully complete all solo missions on the Special Agent or Perfect Agent difficulty settings.Maian SOS mission
Successfully complete all solo missions on the Agent, Special Agent, or Perfect Agent difficulty settings.Mr. Blonde's Revenge mission
Successfully complete all solo missions on the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.War! mission

Contributed By: darkmetrod.

Unlockable Arenas for Combat Simulator

Upon going to Combat Simulator from the main menu, select Challenges. Perfect Dark has a total of 30 challenges, and upon beating them you will unlock certain items/areas for the Combat Simulator (multiplayer mode). In order to unlock all the arenas in the Combat Simulator, you must beat a certain number of challenges (which challenges you beat doesn't really matter).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 18 ChallengesBase
Complete 17 ChallengesCar Park
Complete 1 ChallengeComplex
Complete 12 ChallengesFelicity
Complete 20 ChallengesFortress
Complete 9 ChallengesG5 Building
Complete 11 ChallengesGrid
Complete 5 ChallengesRavine
Complete 22 ChallengesRuins
Complete 16 ChallengesSewers
Complete 6 ChallengesTemple
Complete 14 ChallengesVilla
Complete 3 ChallengesWarehouse

Contributed By: gamerman555.

Unlockable Game Presets (Combat Simulator)

The Combat Simulator has several Game Presets (modes that have already been created by Rare) that are available from the beginning, but some of the best you must unlock by beating a certain amount of Challenges. Which challenges you beat doesn't really matter, as long as you have the set total needed to unlock the Preset. Of course, you can alter these Presets just to how you like them :)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 4 ChallengesCapture the Case
Complete 16 ChallengesCloaking
Complete 2 ChallengesHold the Briefcase
Complete 3 ChallengesPistol One-Hit Kills
Complete 13 ChallengesSlayer
Complete 8 ChallengesSlow Motion
Complete 11 ChallengesTemple Explosives
Complete 7 ChallengesTranquilizer

Contributed By: gamerman555.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Mission 3.2 - G5 Building on Agent in under 1:30.Cloaking Device
Complete Chicago: Stealth on any skill level.Donkey Kong Mode
Beat Area 51: Rescue Mission in under 8 Minutes on Perfect AgentPlay as Elvis
Beat G5: Building Reconnaissance on any skill level.Play as Small Joanna
Beat Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine on Perfect Agent in under 5:31Unlock All Guns (Alternative)
Obtain Golds in Firing RangeUnlock CC13 Cheat
Beat DataDyne:Defection on any difficulty level.Unlock Classic Goldeneye Aiming Reticle
Obtain Golds in Firing RangeUnlock DMC Cheat
Beat the game on Training.Unlock Duel Mission
Beat Mission 6.1 Pelagic II - Exploration on any difficulty level.Unlock Enemy Rockets Cheat
Beat Mission 6.2 Deep Sea - Nullify Threat on Perfect Agent in under 7:27.Unlock FarSight Cheat
Get Gold Stars on all the weapons in the Carrington Institute Weapons Testing AreaUnlock GoldenEye Weapons
Beat Mission 1.3 dataDyne on Agent in under 2:03.Unlock Hurricane Firsts (Alternative)
Beat Area 51: Escape on Agent skill.Unlock Invincibility
Beat Skedar Ruins on any difficulty level.Unlock IR Scanner
Beat Deep Sea - Nullify Threat on any difficulty level.Unlock Jo Shield Cheat
Obtain Golds in Firing Range.Unlock Kf7 Special
Obtain Golds in Firing RangeUnlock KLO1313
Beat Mission 5.2 - Air Force One on any difficulty level.Unlock Laptop Gun Cheat
Beat Mission 1.1 - dataDyne Central - Defection on Special Agent in under 1:30.Unlock Marquis of Queensbary Rules Cheat (Guards use fists only)
Beat Mission 5.3 - Crash Site on any difficulty level.Unlock Perfect Darkness Cheat
Beat the game on Perfect Agent.Unlock Perfect Darkness Difficulty
Beat Mission 8 - Attack Ship.Unlock Phoenix Cheat
Obtain Golds in Firing RangeUnlock PP9i
Beat Mission 3.1 Chicago - Stealth on Perfect Agent in under 2:00.Unlock Psychosis Gun
Beat Air Base: Espionage on any skill level.Unlock Rare Team Heads Mode
Beat the game on Agent.Unlock Revenge Mission
Unlock dataDyne Research: Investigation on any skill level.Unlock Slo-Mo Single Player
Beat Area 51: Infiltration on any skill level.Unlock Small Enemies Mode
Beat Mission 2 - Carrington Villa on any difficulty level.Unlock Sniper Rifle
Beat the game on Special Agent.Unlock SOS Mission
Beat Mission 4.3 - Area 51: Escape on any difficulty level.Unlock Super Dragon Cheat
Beat Mission 7 - Carringon Institute Defense on Agent in under 1:45.Unlock Super Shield Cheat
Beat Mission 5.3 - Crash Site: Confrontation on Agent in under 2:50.Unlock Trent's Magnum
Beat Air Base in under 3:11 on Special Agent.Unlock Unlimited Ammo
Beat Air Force One: Antiterrorism on Perfect Agent in under 3:55Unlock Unlimited Ammo - Laptop Sentry Gun
Beat Pelagic II on Special Agent in under 7:07.Unlock Unlimited Ammo, No Reloads
Beat the game on Perfect Agent.Unlock War Mission
Obtain Golds in Firing RangeUnlock ZZT 9 mm

Contributed By: dhopkins007, ChaosDemon, KasketDarkfyre, Alchav, Phantasmagoria, matt91486, and Couch Chimpanzee.


Bottle Comment

Go to Carrington village:Hostage one and make your way down to the wine cellar. Shoot every single bottle and Carrington will say "Act your age, Joanna."

Contributed By: CHOCLAIR5.

Bypass Hoverbike Sequence

In the area 51 level while you are in the hangar, if you activate both the inner and outer doors before elvis explains the UFO can only hold 2 people, then you can skip the hoverbike area and end the level.

Contributed By: vegetarian_onos.

Knife trick in multiplayer

Can't find a use for combat knives because they're too slow or innacurate? After you kill someone in multiplayer throw a poison knife at their dead body (shouldnt have problems hitting a dead target) when they come back to life, they will start getting poisoned and dizzy once almost to the point of death.

Contributed By: poocho.