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Pokemon Snap


High Scores

The High Scores are a set amount of points for each of the seven stages in the game. Nothing is unlocked for beating the high scores, but it is fun nonetheless to do so.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
In course 7, take a picture of mew (once its shield is gone), and show it to Oak. When you resume your game, the high scores will be unlocked.Course High Scores

Contributed By: Shinmen Musashi.


Certain stages need certain taks to be completed before you unlock them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Towards the end of the River Stage, there is a Porygon in the dirt besides a switch, throw a pester ball to flush it out.Cave Stage
Find and photograph all six of the Pokemon SignsRainbow Cloud Stage
Complete the Volcano StageRiver Stage
Complete the Beach StageTunnel Stage
Complete the Cave StageValley Stage
Throw an apple/pester ball at the electrode near the end of the Tunnel StageVolcano Stage

Contributed By: Doomian.

Unlockable Items

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlocked when your pokemon report totals 14,000 points.Apple
Unlocked when your pokemon report totals 175,000 points.Dash Engine
Unlocked when your pokemon report totals 75,000 points.Pester Ball
Unlocked after you submit your first pokemon sign to Oak (after meeting him at his shack).Poke Flute

Contributed By: Shinmen Musashi.


Different credits

Here's how to see different credits then the ones when you photograph Mew! All you have to do is finish your Pokemon Report, then Prof. Oak will congratulate you. Voila! Different credits you'll only see once!

Contributed By: Mewst.