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Rayman 2: The Great Escape


Enter Bonus Level Without All Yellow Lums and Cages

On the "Access Denied" screen that appears when a level is beaten without every Yellow Lum being collected and every cage being broken, press the buttons "A, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right" in order. The word cheat should appear and the bonus stage will load upon pressing the A button.

Contributed By: achtuce and RibShark.

Gain Maximum Health

Press and release the R button to the rhythm of the main Rayman 2 theme (press the button on the first note, release on the second note, press on the third note and so on). With the right timing, Rayman's health bar will increase to maximum capacity and all health will be restored.

Contributed By: achtuce and RibShark.


Menezis Mini-Game

During the credits, hold the C-Left button down while quickly and repeatedly tapping the A+B buttons to unlock the Menezis minigame.

Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy and RibShark.

Easter Eggs

Control Razorbeard in the Credits and Unlock Hidden Credits Section

To gain control of Razorbeard in the credits, quickly and repeatedly tap the A+B buttons. Blue sparks should appear indicating you can control Razorbeard. Use the Control Stick to move Razorbeard up, down, left and right. Hold the Z button and move the Control Stick up and down to move Razorbeard in and out.

After gaining control of Razorbeard, continue tapping A+B as fast as possible and red sparks will appear. A hidden section of the credits will now be shown which gives thanks to people and companies unrelated to the development of Rayman 2.

Contributed By: RibShark.