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StarCraft 64


More Advanced In-Game Menu

For a more advanced in-game menu, hold Z+R. It is very useful. You don't have to click on workers or buildings. You can access everything there.

Contributed By: Stencil.


Getting ''Special'' without as much work.

Just beat the all 10 missions of the third episode and special will be unlocked.

Contributed By: JBruno.

Mega Building and Special Mode

To unlock Mega Building, which makes you build, repair, and upgrade faster, play Vile Disruption(Episode Six, Mission One). Go to the top right area of the map and pick up the disk. For Special Mode(Invincibility), you must complete the first three episodes.

Contributed By: GrimWolf.

Unlimited Mana

Complete all 56 missions in the episodes.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all 56 missions in the episodes.Unlimited Mana

Contributed By: HM Master.

Unlockable cheats

In the PC version of Starcraft, the only thing you needed to do to cheat was to type in a little phrase, and you were then able to use the cheat for the rest of a mission without incident.

Things are a little different in Starcraft 64. Cheats are not available from the start, but are instead unlocked through completing special tasks. You're also not allowed to use a cheat to complete a mission. If you try this, you will see "Cheated!" after completing the mission instead of "Victory!", and will be forced to restart the mission over again.

With that in mind, here are the eight unlockable cheats in Starcraft 64.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
In "The Amerigo", move Kerrigan to the southwest corner of the pen with all of the critters in it.All Research
In "The Jacobs Installation", MOVE Raynor north through the door, then right. You get the cheat after he passes by an orange civilian. DO NOT PRESS B.All Upgrades
In "Legacy of the Xel'naga", touch the white flag on the northeast island with a ground unit.Fog of War Off
In "Patriot's Blood", locate the Ursadon on the northern part of the map. When it asks for a hug, surround it with units and press B.Give Me Cash/Gas
Clear every mission in all six episodes. Note that this does NOT include the secret levels Dark Origin or Resurrection IV.Infinite Mana
In "Vile Disruption", after saving the second Hive, follow the eastern wall until you see a disc.Mega Build
In "Into the Darkness", go southeast until you see stairs, then southwest into the hall. When you're told to turn around, go back a ways, then return.Open Tech Tree
Clear every mission in the first three episodes.Special Cheat (Invincibility)

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Unlocking the hidden level, Dark Origin

To unlock Dark Origin, you must complete Zerg Brood War mission 9, "The Reckoning", with 5:00 or more remaining on the clock.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Unlocking the secret two player level, Resurrection IV

To unlock the exclusive two player level in Starcraft 64, you must literally do everything else first. This means clearing all the normal campaign missions, Origin, and unlocking all the cheats. When all this is completed, Resurrection IV will be unlocked and ready for action.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.


3 Armour, 3 Weapons, and 3 Shields

When you use the all upgrades cheat, it usually only gives your guys 1 armour/weapons/shields, but there is a max. of 3 upgrades per. So you have to turn it on, return to gameplay for a second head back to cheats, turn it off, and then repeat one or two more times.

Contributed By: Tench.

Unlock All Upgrades Cheat

To unlock the All Upgrades cheat, go to Terran 1, and then Jacob's Installation. Right when you start, stimpack Raynor up all the way. Bring him up the hallway...and to the right. Avoid the machine guns, and meet the guy in the orange suit. Talk to him, but don't kill him. He'll then give you the cheat.

You can access it under options then Cheats.

Contributed By: Stencil.