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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


Cheat Codes

Enter these codes at the Cheat Menu option:

STOMPEMBig Feet & Hands Mode
LIGHTSOUTBlackout Mode
DLVTRKBNRGInfinite Lives
JANESWONDERFULWORLDJane's Cheat - Unlocks all graphics changing cheats
IGOTABFAPen & Ink Mode
PIPSQUEAKSmall Enemies
O N L Y T H E B E S TWarp to Credits
AAHGOOZach Attack

Contributed By: Retro, Perfect Core, KasketDarkfyre, MI4 REAL, and Rene_Ellul.


Invincibility Glitch

If you are taken to zero health (death) as you fall into a save point, you will be able to exit the save point completely invincible. Your health will still be at zero, and the glitch will wear off if regenerate any health. As long as you keep your health at zero, you can stay invincible forever.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.


Deathmatches in Solo Mode

This reportedly works on black cartridges only.

Enter the master cheat ''BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND'' and go to a deathmatch. Select options, level, and characters as normal. Enter the match. Now go to the ''Warp'' cheats and select any level to warp to. Select it TWICE, because it won't send you there the first time.

You are now in a single player level with all your multiplayer options and players! up to 4 can join the fun, but it lags badly unless you only have 2 players.Warps do not work and you cannot pick up the single player items.

Try this on level 2, and with other cheats on

Contributed By: MI4 REAL.

Enemy/Boss Tips

No Damage From Undead In River of Souls.

In level 2, one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game pops up in the graveyard and soul gate sections -- undead. They swarm you and attack by throwing blood at you, which can drastically mess with the game's shoddy frame rate and really mess you up, and even kill you despite the small damage. There's a simple trick to get around this, though. Just turn the blood off in the options menu, and presto! The undead animation to throw blood at you still happens, but since the blood is turned off they won't actually throw anything at you. Now the undead go from one of the most annoying enemies to the easiest, and the best part of all is this doesn't mess with the game's true ending trigger. If you use cheats to clear Turok 2, the game doesn't give you the true ending. But apparently, messing up swarms of enemies by turning the blood off is a-okay.

Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.