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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2


Cheat Codes

Enter these on the cheat menu:

GBZRKAll Weapons
BGGRNBig Green One
SHRMNSLDRHail Mendheimicus
DRVLLVSMMPlay as a small soldier
PLSTRLVSVGPlay as Plastro
TNMNPlay as Tin Soldier
GRNGRLRXPlay as Vikki
SLGFSTUnlimited Ammo

Contributed By: eric007, Mezmorize99, General Eric, MTRodaba2468, and ElementalKnight.


Level Passwords

Fllngdwn02 - Bridge
Gtmlk03 - Fridge
Chllbb04 - Freezer
Clsngn05 - Inside Wall
Dgths06 - Graveyard
Frnknstn07 - Castle
Bdbz08 - Tan Base
Lbbck09 - Revenge
Dskjb10 - Desk
Gtslp11 - Bed
Smllvll12 - Blue Town
Chrgt13 - Cashier
Ntbrt14 - Train
Rdglr15 - Rockets
Fstnls16 - Pool Table
Whswzrd17 - Pinball Table

Contributed By: ZergMan.


Killer Vikki at boot camp!

Go into boot camp and kill all of the green soldiers. When you kill the last one an alarm will sound. When you complete the combat course Vikki will be wearing a grey uniform and will shoot you with bazooka. If you kill her or run up to her you will fail bootcamp!

Contributed By: Keenan.