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Final Fantasy


Hidden Puzzle Game

When you're on the ship, hold down the A button and press the B button 55 times to access the hidden puzzle game.

Contributed By: Dallas.

Easter Eggs

Secret Invisible Guard.

In the first castle, there is what appears to be an empty space right above Queen Jane's room and below the person going right and left. Check the lower right corner of this area to find out that there is an invisible person here. Talk to him and he will tell you something before and after you save Princess Sarah.

Contributed By: red soul.

Tomb of Erdrick/Link

In Elfland, just beside the White Mage shop, there are three tombstones. Two of them are ordinary tombstones, but the one on the left is different. It is the tomb of Erdrick. Erdrick is a character from Dragon Warrior, another very popular game series produced by Enix. In the Japanese version of FF1 (and in PSX's Final Fantasy Origins), the tomb says ''Here lies Link'' instead. Link, of course, is the hero of the Legend of Zelda series.

Contributed By: The Gaming Genius.


World Map

While on the world map, press B and Select at the same time, and you will see the world map.

Contributed By: You fear me.